What is an Index?

An index, or stock market index, is a statistical tool that reflects the changes happening in the stock market. Typically, it is created by grouping similar stocks that are listed on the exchange. The selection criteria for the stocks can be based on a company's size, market capitalization, or industry type.

How to Trade Indices?

Making profits with indices is simple. Since an index usually consists of a group of stocks from the same industry or with something else in common, the index's behavior reflects the condition of the entire industry or group of companies. Investing in index funds is considered one of the smartest investment moves as they are affordable, enable diversification, and generate attractive returns over time.

Why Indices?

Indices are still one of the most popular assets in the market. At Montana Trading LTD we offer our clients a wide selection of indices from all over the world. Consider indices as an opportunity to view the market from a new angle, as they are safer, less volatile, and provide a broader perspective of market sentiment.


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